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Shine Learning Center offers a variety of specialized classes in art, English language arts and writing, mathematics, and programming/robotics. Our goal is to improve our students’ academic understanding and knowledge base, which, in turn, will contribute to students’ overall academic achievement. Apart from fostering academic success, Shine’s programs provide students with a strong foundation in English reading, writing, and speaking.

Shine further supports students to develop their creative and analytical abilities, which will enable students to achieve their academic and professional goals. Through using an inquiry-driven educational program, students become both critical thinkers and independent learners. Shine is especially passionate about cultivating global talent.

Our art curriculum helps our students to develop essential artistic fundamental skills and a creative voice. Through our unique practices, students will have the ability to incorporate their insightful ideas into brilliant art work, which students can use to apply to the most prestigious art schools in the United States.

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My family's experience with the Shine Learning Center is extraordinary. My son, Sam, met Director Jooyeon Kim to prepare the art portfolio for his college application. Director Kim provided Sam with an excellent art program education to develop his taste and skills so he could finish many beautiful art pieces. She also helped him with special care and interest in completing all the college application processes. She communicated closely with me and my wife to keep us updated during the process. Not even the art program, Director Kim guided Sam to overcome difficult times during adolescence, a susceptible age he was going through. As a merit scholarship student, Sam is currently attending the Graphic Design major at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in NYC. He is preparing for a bright future while enjoying a happy college life in the Big Apple! We are so proud of our son, and special thanks to Director Kim and the Shine Learning Center for your dedication and love for Sam and our family. Cheers Shine!!!

Warren Jung

I love being a part of Mrs. Mirandas english sat prep class. She goes above and beyond to make sure her students have what they need to succeed and her efforts have definitely helped me! Thanks to her I got a 1540 on my sat! Every class she facilities discussions and encourages us to really understand why the correct answer is really correct instead of only making us do practice or memorize rules, which really helped me get those harder questions on the sat correct, especially for the reading section which I got every question right on. This strategy of hers is what I think makes her a very effective teacher, especially for me. I would definitely reccomend her class for the sat, especially if you are a good student just needing that final little score boost.

Shivalika Vig

Shine is the best. I love Ms.Miranda ‘s English class she makes learning so much fun and I learn a lot. She is kind and lovely. Students laugh and learn, she is the best teacher for all people. I am doing well and at grade level. She is my favorite teacher of all time. Shine is the best .

Claire Kim

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